Tamper Proof Void Labels

A variety of options for tamper-evident protection..

Tamper-Indicating Label Materials fracture from many surfaces when label removal is attempted. Tamper-indicating options include “void” messages, triangle shapes, or destructible facestocks. Adhesives provide permanent or non-permanent marking on numerous substrates.

Common uses for security labels include employee ID badges, electronics and other product warranty labels, brand protection on valuable products, and much more.

Tamper Evident Destructible Labels
These labels cannot be removed as a single piece. They are made from a vinyl that splits apart if an attempt to remove them is made. You can customize these labels to your exact requirement with barcodes, sequential numbering, or even logos against a white background.

Void Polyester Labels
If an attempt is made to remove a void polyester label the word ‘void’ is left on the asset and the label cannot be reused. The labels are made from a durable polyester and offer good adhesion after 24 hours. The void polyester labels can be customised with numbering, barcodes, and logos as required.