Industrial Labels

Automobile & Industrial labels are specially designed for applications that call out for strong, long lasting labels that meet standards set AIAG and GM-1724.

Labeling for industrial products reflects the trends toward globalization and customization. With specialty materials for battery labels, control tracking, and any hood application possible, we have solutions that automotive requires for their manufacturing needs.

These labels can withstand high and low temperatures, harsh environments, chemical exposure and other extreme work conditions.

Industrial Printed Labels

All industrial labels are suited to harsh environments, offering the following features:

  • Chemical and solvent resistance
  • Extreme temperature resistance
  • High-strength bonding
  • Abrasion- and tear-proof materials and coatings
  • Minimum reflectance for barcoding and serialization
  • Color clarity and image accuracy
  • Unlimited die cuts

Types of Custom Industrial Labels

  • Cable and wire labels
  • Circuit board and electronic labels
  • Security, property and asset tags
  • Warehouse bin, rack, and storage labels
  • Factory and machinery labels
  • Construction tool and equipment labels
  • Pallet, carton and shipping labels
  • Drum and hazard labels
  • Destructible vinyl labels
  • Self-laminating labels
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