Thermal Transfer Ribbon

Thermal Transfer Ribbons

Thermal Transfer Ribbons are compatible with all types of printers, be it inline printers, near edge or flat head printers. With these ribbons, we ensure flexibility through individual roll lengths, customized designs, substrates and cores & markings. These transfer ribbons offer excellent quality & speed of printing with durability on wide range of packaging materials. One of the distinctive features about these ribbons is that these are easy & safe to disposes off. These transfer ribbons are widely used in the packaging of bakery, snack food, frozen and refrigerated foods, confectionery and dry fruits.

Wax Thermal Transfer Ribbon

The Wax Thermal Transfer Ribbon is the most economical products to use among all other types of ribbons. Containing high percentage of wax in the colorant, these wax ribbons are ideal for printing on matte coated or un-caoted surfaces. The labels printed by these ribbons can remain un-smudged for years. One thing should be kept in mind with these ribbons is that the final printed labels must be kept in dry conditions and not be subjected to chemicals or oil that can melt the wax image. These wax ribbons are suitable for paper standard labeling applications.

Recommended Substrates
  • Synthetic paper , Plain paper . Coated paper , Rough paper , Retail tag
Wax – Resin Thermal Transfer Ribbon

Wax-resin Thermal Transfer Ribbon dissipates versatile and is static enough to print on an extensive assortment of label stocks. It produces dense, dark images and enhanced scan rates with better print quality on flood-coated labels. These ribbons are ideal for carton labeling, shipping labels and retail bags. These can be used with high speed printers and are highly demanded in the market.

Resin Thermal Transfer Ribbon

Resin Thermal Transfer Ribbons provide images with durable quality. The labels designed by these ribbons can easily sustain abrasion, chemical exposure, rough handling and outdoor elements. These types of ribbons comprises of the excellent percentage of resinous materials. As the resin used tends to be harder than the wax, these ribbons show excellent resistance against abrasion and chemicals.

Recommended for
  • Glossy paper, Synthetic paper , Polyester , Polyethylene , Coated paper , Polypropylene.

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