Tamper Evident Labels brings the excellent solution for deterring counterfeiting and fraud problems in the market today. Designed by any type of conventional printing technique, the labels automatically show a sign of attempt of removal thereby protecting & integrating the brand image in market.

1 ) Enhance security with void protection (VOID LABELS)

Void films provide tamper-evidence and product authentication, protecting consumers and supporting their loyalty and trust in brands. They leave a text, pattern, or logo on packages and casings when the label is partially or fully removed, and they cannot be smoothed back down or repositioned undetected.

Our standard voids leave a sticky residue on the labeled substrate. When packages need to remain attractive and are part of a product’s value, No Tack voids leave a smooth and silky message that doesn’t attract dust or dirt. If the substrate should be kept intact and completely free of adhesive, our No Residue voids are the ideal choice.


Our security labels feature superior tamper evident performance, which is designed to function within one (1) minute of application on the recommended surfaces. Unlike competitive products, there is no long waiting period for the tamper evidence feature to be functional.

Ultra Destructible Vinyl Barcode Label breaks into tiny pieces if anyone tries to remove it. This kind security labels are very brittle and will self-destruct when tampered with, referred to as destructible security labels. This prevents “swapping” of labels. Immediate destructibility on most of the surfaces.

  • Features : – Good destructibility.
    – Outdoor durability and excellent outdoor performance,
    – Excellent dimensional stability and printability.
    – Smooth matt surface for superior appearance.
    Application and Use : Typical applications include labels for Identification markings, instruction panels for manufacturing equipment. Permanent warning signs and emblems
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