Our Labelling Solutions..

We are ready to meet your labeling needs with a full range of stock blank labels for your barcode printer as well as completely pre-printed labels. With options for a variety of sizes, colors, and material types, we have the perfect match for any application.

Got a dot matrix printer in your office?

Then you’ll need to make sure you have the right labels for it. These dot matrix labels are exactly what you need. The labels are specifically folded to work well with large mainframe printers. You can choose from a range of different label widths to meet all your labelling needs. And the labels are stored in a fanfold for smooth feeding through the printer.

Our experience in this segment allows us to recommend the appropriate label construction with an effective combination of adhesive, ink & facestock. Be it self adhesive labels, or non adhesive wrappers, our understanding of this industry has allowed for effective solutions.

Whether you need labels for plastic containers, plastic bottles, or glass bottles and jars, we have a label solution for you.

A highly technical segment, the auto segment has stringent demands of its labels with provision of technical information being the main label function. this segment requires labels to withstand extreme environmental conditions as well as contact with hazardous chemicals.

For others, unique container shapes, identifiable colors and eye-catching graphics are what influence purchasing decisions. Many home and personal care purchases are made on impulse, and pressure-sensitive home and personal label materials have the power to elevate the look of your brand for maximizing shelf impact and influencing purchase decisions.

Our extensive knowledge of materials enables each label to be specifically designed to handle the rigors of a healthcare environment and work in sync with the new technologies that are part of a modern healthcare system.

Our weatherproof material is the most popular since it’s durable enough to withstand smudging and peeling when wet. Custom water bottle labels are great for company events, special occasions, weddings, and promotional use.

Discover our vast library of quality control and calibration label designs and materials.

Wide selection from following labels and sticker.

Tested OK Labels & Stickers
QC Passed Labels & Stickers
Quality Control Labels & Stickers

These labels cannot be removed as a single piece. They are made from a vinyl that splits apart if an attempt to remove them is made.

Digitally printed vinyl stickers with a scratch-resistant domed coating to protect your company logo or design. Perfect for product branding!

Product portfolio includes Barcode Printers, Scanners, PDA and consumables.We have a complete assortment of Barcode scanning and Barcode Printing products for your business needs.